Insights from the largest ever study of leadership in Australia, from the people who did the study.

In 2016, the Centre for Workplace Leadership delivered initial findings from the Study of Australian Leadership (SAL) – the largest ever survey-based study of leadership in Australia. We engaged almost 8,000 people from 2,561 workplaces to gain insights about leadership from the CEO to workers on the frontline.

Deeper Insights from the SAL Team

Since releasing our initial report, we have been analysing the data to reveal further insights about the importance of management basics, how workplaces respond to opportunities and conditions (dynamic capabilities), leader and employee diversity, human resource management, and workplace conflict. The team behind SAL is now offering seminars, workshops, and custom programs to help you and your organisation:

  • Understand these important findings and their implications
  • Benchmark your organisation against the rest of Australian industry
  • Apply SAL’s findings and recommendations to how you and your team do work
  • Help your organisation remain relevant – and excel – in a highly dynamic environment

Evidence-based Training and Development Programs

The SAL Insights training and development programs are designed to lead you and your organisation through the findings of the study to ensure the work you do is informed by evidence.

SAL Insights seminars, workshops, or custom formats on offer are:

    • An overview of the Study of Australian Leadership
    • Getting back to the basics of management
    • Diversity and inclusion: Age, culture, gender, and beyond
    • Dynamic capabilities for performance and innovation
    • The future of work
    • Getting to best practice human resource management
    • Leading the frontline
    • Managing workplace conflict
    • Working effectively in teams
    • and others.

Leverage the University of Melbourne’s expertise to find out what you can do to ensure you and your team implement enduring evidence-based insights, rather than fleeting fads.

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