Knowledge that works: Building insight and evidence

The Centre for Workplace Leadership produces knowledge that works in ‘real-world’ situations based on issues and challenges that confront all Australian workplaces and leaders. As business conditions change, so does knowledge, and the value of that knowledge. Research is vital to anchor business practice in something more proven than individual experience, intuition and anecdote.

We work with a wide range of organisations on workplace projects to address actual problems that impact on their capacity to innovate and grow. We use baseline data gathered from Australian workplaces in conjunction with academic rigour, to produce accessible tools and knowledge that can be used by Australian managers anywhere.

The Centre has four priority research themes:

  1. Frontline leadership: building management & workplace leadership skills for productive outcomes.
  2. Leading and sustaining high performance workplaces: embedding a culture of investing in leadership for future growth.
  3. Leading technology and workplace innovation: building the capability to transform workplaces through new technology and workplace innovation.
  4. Workplace leadership for the future: investing in the next generation of workplace leaders. (This theme includes: diversity and inclusion as a means of achieving greater utilisation of human capital).


Current Research