This small demonstration project examined the effects of offering a Leadership Forum to first year students in the Faculty of Business and Economics at The University of Melbourne. This project surveyed these students to examine what factors influence young people’s motivation to lead.

One group comprises of students participating in the Faculty of Business and Economics’ annual First Year Leadership Forum. The forum is an intensive full-day leadership program involving a workshop on effective leadership, a team building exercise, and an expert panel of leaders from industry and the not-for-profit sector.

The forum participants and a group of non-participants were surveyed before and after the program to assess what factors impact on their leadership capabilities and motivation to lead. The study found that even a small intervention such as a one day workshop on leadership improved motivation to lead and that leadership attributes were developed in students who attended the Forum.



Avatar of Dr Brigid van Wanrooy Dr Brigid van Wanrooy
CWL Research Manager (Oct 2013-Jan 2015)
Avatar of Dr Ivan Butar Dr Ivan Butar
CWL Researcher (2013-2014)
Avatar of Dr Jesse E. Olsen Dr Jesse E. Olsen
Senior Research Fellow
Avatar of Prof Peter Gahan Prof Peter Gahan
Research Associate
Avatar of Dr Raymond Harbridge Dr Raymond Harbridge
Research Associate

Research Project

This publication is an output of the project entitled: Future Leaders Study.


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Developing Leaders in Business Schools: A Case Report on First Year Student Leaders