This hospitality group has recently acquired a number of local clubs, which is fuelling rapid employment growth. All acquisitions will be merged under the main brand. There is roughly equal representation of men and women within the organisation at both the managerial and employee levels, though there are no women on the Board. Flexible working policies are in place and the CEO and Board receive monthly updates about the gender composition of the workforce.

The organisation has a number of important practices either in place or in development, such as regular monitoring of the workforce composition, training programs and flexible working policies. However, there is no overarching strategy for gender equality.

The organisation is unsure about the next steps to take, beyond maintaining current practices and ensuring these practices are embedded in the new acquisitions.

How should this organisation proceed? Read the case study here.

“Having this conversation helped us rethink our current processes to ensure that we are more focused on the important issue of gender equality.” – HR Manager, the Hospitality Group



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Hospitality organisation: Building the business case for gender equality