The Asian Development Bank (ADB), established in 1966, is headquartered in Manila, Philippines. Its Sydney office (ADB Sydney), established in 2005, serves as a base of operations for many of the international organisation’s key initiatives in the Pacific Region. In addition to being the ADB’s representative office for Australia and New Zealand, it coordinates programs for Nauru, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. It also houses the Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI), the Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility (PRIF), and the Pacific Business Investment Facility (BIF).

While the global organisation and the Sydney office have made great strides on a number of fronts, it is unclear whether some current practices support gender equality. For example, in the global organisation, a
vacancy-driven staffing system – where employees apply for internal positions – creates complexity in understanding whether women and men are moving up through the internal pipeline equitably. ADB Sydney has succeeded in achieving a gender equitable talent pipeline, but transparency around the overall organisation would allow for benchmarking and secure these local gains.

How can the ADB ensure gender equality practices exist across the whole organisation? Read the case study here.

“We were pleased to be a part of this project because women’s empowerment is a critical part of our work in economic development in the Pacific.” – Dr Andrea Iffland, Regional Director, ADB Sydney



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