Asciano Limited is Australia’s only combined rail freight and port operator. It was first listed on the stock exchange in 2007 when it began extending its transport infrastructure portfolio by adding Pacific National and the Patrick container ports, port operations and stevedoring capabilities. It continues to add other Australian and New Zealand companies. Its legacy as a traditionally male-dominated workplace means that 7 of 8 Board members are men, the executive management team consists of 8 men (including the Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director) and 2 women and 10% of both managerial and non-managerial positions are held by women.

Asciano has a number of strategic diversity and gender equality initiatives in place. However, it needs to build a gender inclusive culture that empowers the employees and harnesses their differences to create innovative, market-leading customer solutions to grow the business.

How might the organisation achieve this? Read the case study here.

“We are very excited to be partnering with the Centre for Workplace Leadership, University of Melbourne in this key initiative as I believe this is an important step in assisting our business to achieve improvements in the gender diversity space.” – Christine Davall GM Rewards, Resourcing and HR Systems



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Asciano: Communicating the Diversity Strategy throughout the Workplace