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This project, commissioned by Safe Work Australia, reviews the literature on the links between an organisation’s health and safety performance and its business productivity and sustainability. Drawing on academic research, and reports by consulting firms, government and other public bodies dating back to 2000, this review examines the impact of work health and safety practices on labour productivity and financial performance. It also looks at the return on investment from Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) systems or preventative initiatives, compliance costs, and employee and Corporate Social Responsibility outcomes.

The paper also explores the negative consequences of inadequate WHS systems, and the inevitable tension between short-term economic gains and the expense of longer-run WHS performance outcomes.


Team Members

Avatar of Paul Evans Paul Evans
Research Assistant
Avatar of Prof Peter Gahan Prof Peter Gahan
Research Associate
Avatar of Prof David Shallcross Prof David Shallcross
Research Associate and Professor in the Melbourne School of Engineering
Avatar of Ben Sievewright Ben Sievewright
Research Assistant

Project Events

  • The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy Virtual Seminar Series (VSS) is a free online event run throughout October– Safe Work Australia Month.

    The VSS showcases some of the latest thinking, developments and innovations in work health and safety and will feature live interactive panels and video presentations by work health and safety regulators, experts, business leaders and academics.

    If you have an interest in work health and safety check out the VSS in October.

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