About this Research Project

This project aims to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of ‘virtual work’, as well as what might facilitate or hinder its adoption.

Virtual work is work that is performed remotely (outside the ‘traditional’ workplace or across different workplaces) using technology. It includes arrangements like:

  • telework (working from home) on a computer and telephone
  • working with people in other offices through e-mail, teleconferencing, etc
  • and remotely controlling machinery or vehicles from an off-site location.

The study design consists of initial qualitative interviews and focus groups in a diverse set of organisations, followed by a broader quantitative survey study that incorporates the attitudes and perceptions of multiple teams within each organisation.

The results of the survey will inform organisational policies and practices to maximise the potential positive effects of virtual work and to increase the availability of such work arrangements if appropriate. It will also result in a diagnostic tool to determine the readiness of an organisation or work unit for adoption of virtual work practices.


Team Members

Avatar of Dr Mladen Adamovic Dr Mladen Adamovic
Research Fellow
Avatar of Prof Peter Gahan Prof Peter Gahan
Research Associate
Avatar of Dr Antonette Mendoza Dr Antonette Mendoza
Academic Teaching, Computing and Information Systems
Avatar of Dr Jesse E. Olsen Dr Jesse E. Olsen
Senior Research Fellow
Avatar of Prof David Shallcross Prof David Shallcross
Research Associate and Professor in the Melbourne School of Engineering

Project Leaders

Avatar of Prof David Shallcross
Research Associate and Professor in the Melbourne School of Engineering
Avatar of Dr Mladen Adamovic
Research Fellow

Project Events

  • The way we work is changing.

    Australians are increasingly employed in non-traditional industries, working flexible hours and using technology to work anywhere.

    Expectations of leaders are changing with an ever-increasing imperative to innovate and build dynamic workplace cultures.

    The Centre for Workplace Leadership in partnership with ACCI, Cisco Systems Australia and Clayton Utz are proud to present The Future of Work: People Place and Technology on April 29th and 30th 2015.

    Held over two days the Future of Work will bring together business leaders, influences and thinkers, for a series of discussions, debates and demonstrations examining the changing nature of work, new workplace innovations and how we can best prepare for the future.

    With a program filled with exciting key note addresses, presentations from high-profile international and Australian business leaders, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities, the Future of Work 2015 is designed to provide tools and ideas to increase productivity and boost profits. The conference will enable employees, managers, business leaders and business owners alike to access cutting edge technology, research and thinking for the modern workplace and beyond.

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