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The Hallmark Ageing Research Initiative is a major cross-disciplinary, collaborative research project initiated as part of the University of Melbourne’s Hallmark Initiative program. Led by the School of Global Population and Health, the Hallmark Ageing Research Initiative seeks to create an inter-disciplinary approach to ageing-related teaching, research and engagement that builds on the existing capacity of the University of Melbourne.

The Centre for Workplace Leadership is coordinating research around Leadership for Ageing Societies and Organisations as part of the Hallmark Aging Research Initiative. In doing so, CWL:

  • provides a broad overview of international and Australian data related to understanding the ageing workforce;
  • reviews prior research in various disciplines that address different issues related to workforce ageing; and, finally,
  • outlines a number of major research questions that potentially assist this cluster address future research related to the economic, social, organisational and individual issues associated with workforce ageing.

All outputs related to the Centre’s work on the Hallmark Aging Research Initiative can be found on this page.

The Centre for Workplace Leadership has published a Research Insights paper that provides an overview of the key trends associated with the ageing workforce and examines the major challenges these trends present for Australian business leaders. The Research Insights paper is available to download here (PDF 2MB).


The project is on-going, so content will be updated regularly.


Team Members

Avatar of Dr Raymond Harbridge Dr Raymond Harbridge
Research Associate
Avatar of Dr Ruth Williams Dr Ruth Williams
Research Fellow (2015 - 2017)
Avatar of Monica Pham Monica Pham
Research Assistant (2016-2017)

Project Leaders

Avatar of Prof Peter Gahan
Research Associate
Avatar of Dr Josh Healy
Senior Research Fellow


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