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Prof Peter Gahan CDC (DIP), PhD, BCom (Hons)

Research Associate

Peter Gahan is a Research Associate at the Centre for Workplace Leadership and Professor of Management at the University of Melbourne. He was previously Director of the Centre for Workplace Leadership from its foundation in 2012 to 2016.

He has previously held academic and visiting positions at UNSW, Monash, University of South California, The European University Institute, Cardiff Business School, New York University and Stockholm Business School.
Peter has published widely on high performance workplaces, employment relations and labour market issues, conflict and bargaining, and the consequences of labour market regulation.

His current research focuses on two major drivers of change at work: workforce ageing and how technology is transforming the nature of jobs. Peter is currently exploring how older works are perceived by others (co-workers, managers and customers) in the workplace and how these perceptions influence hiring decisions, promotion and performance evaluations.

SAL will shape the way Australian governments address business challenges faced by leaders for years to come.

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University of Melbourne

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Research Interests

  • Labour market regulation, productivity
  • Industrial relations, employee voice and representation
  • HRM, high performance work practices, workplace innovation


Major Reference Work

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Research Book Chapter

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Book Chapter (Other)

Gahan, P, Harley, B, Sewell, G. (2014) Managerial Control of Work in the Private Security Industry in Australia, in Urban (In)Security: Policing the Neo-Liberal Crisis.

Journal Article Refereed

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Journal Article Unrefereed

Olsen J E, Gahan P G. (2014) Why using Myers-Briggs at work Might Be a Terrible Idea (MBTI), in The Conversation.

Report or Working Paper

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  • CDC (DIP), Australian Institute of Company Directors, 2003
  • PhD, University of Melbourne,
  • BCom (Hons), University of New South Wales, 1989


  • Academy of Management, 2013-
  • International Employment and Labour Relations Association, 2008-
  • Industrial Relations Society of Victoria, 2006-
  • Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand, 1990-