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Dr Mladen Adamovic

Research Fellow

Before joining the Centre for Workplace Leadership in 2015, Dr. Mladen Adamovic was a researcher, lecturer, and consultant in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior at the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole in France, where he also completed his PhD in Management Sciences. He also gained work experience in the tourism and shipbuilding sector. He completed a Master in Business Administration at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel in Germany with semesters abroad in Lisbon and Belgrade. He has further received a scholarship for a French-German double degree program and obtained another Master in International Management from the University of Rennes 1 in France.

His research is based on questions that leaders and managers of most international companies face, like “How can the potential of diversity be exploited to increase creativity, innovation, and performance?”, “How to manage conflict and cross-cultural differences?”, “How to establish fair remuneration systems and procedures?”, and “How should teams be led to improve performance?” All these topics are important leadership and management issues that characterize the daily work experience of employees and managers. To achieve these goals, Dr. Mladen Adamovic closely works together with public and private organizations in order to conduct research projects that are based on large scale survey studies and interviews. Based on his rich international experience and excellent language skills (English, German, French, and Serbian), he also works with cross-cultural management departments of international companies. To communicate effectively his research findings, he writes scientific articles and participates in international management conferences.

His goals for the future are 1) to show the potential and advantages of cultural diversity in the workplace and society, 2) to improve the work situation and experience of minorities who suffer from discrimination, stereotyping, and categorization, and 3) to create better and fairer places to work.

Besides creating better places to work, Mladen is a passionate sports fan and plays soccer, basketball, and tennis.

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