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Eleanor Kennedy

Research Assistant (2015-2016)

Eleanor comes to the Centre for Workplace Leadership with a love of communications and entrepreneurship. She has spent the past few years working in West Africa, specifically Ghana and Nigeria, on programs to help communicate how to vote to first time voters. She continues to write about elections globally. Prior to West Africa she spent time conducting research and internships across Indonesia, most fulfilling of which was with the UNORC in Banda Aceh.

Eleanor holds skills and experience in online communications, CSMs, volunteer management and event coordination.

Eleanor’s current volunteer project is with the Brotherhood of St Laurence where she mentors refugee women who are starting small businesses. She loves nothing more than storytelling, a great podcast, and helping others laugh – to increase productivity of course. She is also passionate about the importance of volunteering and currently developing a volunteer time management app with her cousin. As well Eleanor is currently managing a small film festival based in Geelong which seeks to share positive stories and film from Africa.

Eleanor completed a BA in History at the University of Melbourne in 2005 and a Masters from the Australian National University in 2007.

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