LEADERSHIFT™ is an online leadership assessment and development tool that will transform Australian workplaces. Our research indicates that leadership capability is something that Australia needs and something that Australians want to develop. But when time and resources are scarce, how do you develop your leadership capability?

The Centre is developing an affordable, accessible solution to this problem. The LEADERSHIFT™ platform will provide thousands of Australians with world-class leadership development. The tool focuses on identifying areas for improvement and strengths to leverage and providing a clear path to grow.


We are currently developing this tool in collaboration with both academic and industry partners. We are looking to get feedback from users. Would you like to join us? Your assistance will help make this tool as effective as possible. We want to transform workplaces and work practices across Australia.


Try the alpha version of LEADERSHIFT™ now.

If you have feedback or suggestions, please send to [email protected].