Early Career Leaders Program

The Centre for Workplace Leadership offers world class leadership development for aspiring and early-career managers and team leaders. Research shows that people don’t get enough support as they transition from individual contributor roles to leadership positions… and that hurts the new leaders, their teams and their organisations.

People are promoted for being great individual contributors. But that skill set is less relevant as a leader. Paradoxically, the attributes and skills that resulted in landing a leadership role are often detrimental to effective leadership.

How do you drive team performance? How do you have difficult conversations? How do you communicate with influence? How do you delegate effectively?

New managers and team leaders often find themselves working extra hours because their teams ‘aren’t getting things done’.

But this does not have to be the case.

The Centre has developed practical courses that provide tools and insights that leaders can implement straight away. It’s not about theory. It’s about reflecting on the workplace and gaining actionable insights. It’s about activities that simulate work environments and provide strategies that provide immediate results. It’s about transformation.

Armed with practical research and some of the most highly regarded leadership facilitators in Australia, the Centre offers a new approach to leadership development that changes organisations from the inside out and drives productivity and engagement.

Current Programs