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Recent Mentions in the Media

Leadership Matters in Australian Business

In early June, Melbourne University’s Centre for Workplace Leadership released the preliminary findings of the landmark Study of Australian Leadership (SAL). A project almost three years in the making, the SAL surveyed 8000 individuals from almost 3000 organisations encompassing 2561 workplaces across Australia. It is the largest ever nationally representative survey of this nature conducted in this country.

Study finds public sector more innovative than private sector

Are Australian businesses equipped to respond to future challenges? Recent findings from the Study of Australian Leadership reveal Australian businesses are facing innovation shortfalls and are failing in leadership development, whereas the public sector performs significantly better when it comes to innovation.

Five things you must know about Leadership in Australia

The results from the largest ever leadership study in Australia have just been released. The Study of Australian Leadership (SAL) was conducted by Melbourne University and funded by the Federal Government. SAL surveyed 8000 individuals across 2500 workplaces. It involved senior leadership (CEOs), as well as frontline leaders and employees.

Do Australian business leaders have what it takes?

The largest study of Australian business leadership in 20 years reveals that only 57 per cent of workplaces are achieving their profit targets. The Study of Australian Leadership (SAL), published by the Centre for Workplace Leadership at the Faculty of Business and Economics, also found that executive managers are over-confident in their leadership ability.