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Recent Mentions in the Media

How Unions are Changing in a Bid for Relevance and Survival

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. As Australian unions face increasingly urgent challenges to their legitimacy and influence, it comes as no surprise they are busy rethinking how best to represent their members and reverse the decline in membership they have experienced over the last 30 years.

Collective Burgeoning

Thriving new businesses are realising success lies in sharing space, resources and ideas. Nicholas Payne explores the new world of coworking.

High fees, massive debts and no job guarantees – is university really worth it?

In the 1950s, only 8 per cent of Australians attended university. Today, a quarter of the adult population – or about 1.3 million people, including international students – are currently studying for a bachelor’s degree or higher. How much it costs and what would be the graduate employment outcomes, have all been discussed in this article.

Delivering results for today’s corporations

Along with a growing reliance on results to drive decision making and assess employee performance, business leaders are adopting more flexible attitudes to how and where we work.

Can you be outsourced?

When a law firm starts preparing for a case, it has traditionally had its junior clerks organise a process known as "discovery" during which time those clerks search out any important evidence, research the parties involved and predict possible outcomes.

HR – who even needs it?

There’s a swag of anecdotal “evidence” claiming that HR is no good, despite legitimate research that says otherwise, so let’s get rid of HR! The problem with all this passionate HR-hating is that “HR” is not just a department or group of numbskulls sitting on the ninth floor of the building with the fancy offices. HR involves a wide range of activities, including hiring, pay, performance management, and employee relations - all of which are essential to running organisations that rely on people to do work.

Sweden is moving towards a six hour working day as Australia’s hours increase

As work-life balance worsens in Australia, Sweden continues with its renowned family friendly policies by shifting to a six hour working day. Businesses across the Scandinavian country are implementing the change so workers can spend more time at home or doing the activities they enjoy. Read more: Follow us: @theage on Twitter | theageAustralia on Facebook