Workplaces that encourage employees to voice their opinions and be involved in decision making have on average 33% lower employee turnover.*

We all want to be great leaders. We all want to lead strong performing teams, drive innovation and grow our businesses – but did you know that in order to be a great leader, you also need to know how to be a good follower?

Leading teams shows that he ways we encourage collaboration, cooperation and buy-in within teams and throughout our networks is heavily influenced by our own leadership strengths and capabilities.

At the Centre for Workplace Leadership, we believe that an individual’s leadership skills and strengths enable us to tap into the potential of diversity in teams and set the scene for productive conflict.

The ability to be authentic, flexible and understanding are leadership skills that can be developed over time – and they can impact on the way we engage, motivate and develop our employees, teams, networks and those around us in the workplace.

‘Leading Teams’ provides resources, tools and tactics to enhance and develop personal and team leadership skills to motivate engagement, efficiency and productivity within the workplace and across networks.

*Source: Jiang et al (2012) Academy of Management Journal, 55 (6) 1264-1294


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