Businesses that implement high performance work practices improve their profits by 13%*

Strong leadership capability has shown to impact heavily on organisational outcomes.

No matter what size your business is, or how many employees you have, leading organisations through implementing high performance work practices has been shown to deliver great results.

But what are high performance work practices? How can you apply them to your workplace? What will they cost to implement and what are the returns on investment? And what is a high performance organisation?

By looking internally at practices within your firm and examining how these existing practices can be adjusted to improve communication, collaboration and in turn, productivity, can bring increased benefit to your employees, your outputs and your profits.

Firms with better HR practices have on average 30% higher productivity**

The Centre for Workplace Leadership delivers knowledge, resources and tools to strengthen and drive inter-organisational collaboration and productivity and in turn, lead to high performance organisations. Contact us to find out more.

*Armstrong et al. (2010) Human Resource Management, 49(6) 977-998
**Jiang et al. (2012) Academy of Management Journal, 55(6) 1264-1294



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