The way we work is changing. Technological and digital advances, globalisation, generational change, flexibility and diversity are impacting our work lives and workplaces more than ever before.

‘Leading for the Future’ delivers cutting-edge tools and techniques to assist with managing change and encourage creativity and innovation to drive productivity.

People come and go, but organisations need continuity. Research shows that planning for future leadership is critical for organisational sustainability.

What does your firm do? Do you act only when a management role becomes vacant? Invest all your expectations in one person? Or do you identify, develop and coach a pool of employees over the long term?

An organisation’s approach to succession planning affects its culture. Succession planning has often been seen as something that applies only to the top levels of management. But increasingly, organisations recognise they need a leadership culture at all levels.

Globalisation, demographic change and new markets all highlight the benefits of diversity in management teams: more robust and creative decision making, new ways of tackling business challenges, and access to new markets. What are the barriers to women, ethnic minorities and young people? What are the challenges of inter-generational leadership – when boomers and generation x meets generation Y? Future leaders need development challenges, interactions with senior managers, and mentoring and coaching.

We invite you to join with us in research and practice to tackle one of the most compelling issues of our time: developing leadership for the future.


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