Futures Lab

The Holos Group

The Holos Group join us again for this year’s Future OF Work Conference and will convene a Futures Lab for the conference’s duration.

The Futures Lab aims to “bring to life” many of the potential futures we will discover together during the conference. The Futures Lab combines strategic foresight (futures thinking) with applied innovation to bring those future fragments into the here-and-now in ways that allow us to act upon them with clarity and conviction.

Collaborate with the team from The Holos Group during the two-days of the conference as they:

1. capture the ‘fragments of the future’ we share, like and tweet during the conference and weave those fragments together into a set of scenarios for the future;

2. connect to the possibilities for the future present within these scenarios to unlock new insights and fresh opportunities for you and your organisation; and

3. #creativityPRISM (the interactive innovation board game from last years’s conference) these new insights into novel innovations that bring to life these potential futures for you and your organisation.

The Futures Lab is a dedicated space where you can explore what the Future Of Work is for you and what it means for the future of your organisation.

About the Holos Group
The Holos Group works at the intersection of strategic foresight, applied innovation and generative organisational design. Founded in 2008, The Holos Group comprises some of Australia’s most creative and innovative thinkers, dedicated to helping organisations thrive in complex times, while also improving the quality of organisational life.