Chris Riddell


Chris Riddell is Australia's most sought after futurist. He is also a renowned strategist and global emerging trend spotter for businesses and leaders in today's disrupted world.

A global trailblazer, Chris Riddell has worked for some of the largest and most successful companies and brands in our modern world. Having lived and worked in countries such as the UK, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, China, New Zealand, and lately Australia. His understanding of our new world is compelling and thought provoking to say the least.

Notably, Chris Riddell was the first ever Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for MARS Incorporated in Australia and New Zealand, architecting the corporate digital strategy behind brands such as Whiskas, Pedigree, Wrigley, Starburst, Masterfoods, Snickers, and Maltesers to name but a few.

Chris Riddell is frequently called on as a futurist, speaker, and public commentator to give insights into consumer technology trends within traditional media. With appearances on Australian television including Channel 7's The Daily Edition, Morning Show, Nine's A Current Affair, and recently The Project on Ten, Chris Riddell's insights and expertise as a futurist extend far beyond the corporate world.

Being a futurist, isn't simply about "putting your finger in the air, and saying what the future might be" says Chris Riddell. It’s about "authentically embedding yourself into the very space from where true innovation, and disruption is taking place, analysing future and emerging trends, then distilling them into a clear and meaningful keynote message, for business to be able to take affirmative and decisive action on".

Chris Riddell is a senior advisor to businesses across industry verticals, with consulting expertise across the technology, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, finance and communications sectors. He is a current board member of the Museum for Australian Democracy at Eureka, and writes columns for online digital agencies and corporations, providing deep insights into the world of digital, disruption and future change.