Introducing Dan Swinney, Executive Director of Manufacturing Renaissance

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Dan Swinney is the Founder and Executive Director of Manufacturing Renaissance, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organisation that promotes advanced manufacturing as a springboard for sustainable development.

Dan founded Manufacturing Renaissance in 1982 in response to the Chicago region’s sudden loss of thousands of manufacturing companies and jobs. After 20 years of in-depth research, he led the creation of Manufacturing Renaissance’s Manufacturing Renaissance Council (MRC) development model and its implementation in Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area. As executive director of the Chicago MRC, Dan founded Austin Polytechnical Academy, a world-renowned public high school that prepares students for success in advanced manufacturing and related fields. He also serves as managing director of the National Manufacturing Renaissance Council.

In April 2015, the Centre bought Dan to Victoria to share his experiences in creating unlikely partnerships between the labor movement, manufacturers and their associations, community based organisations, educators and local government, and the creation of public schools that successfully link an inner city school with a regional manufacturing sector.


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